Stepping Stones Recovery Houses Severna Park

They offer a higher level of focus on social support, giving you someone to talk to and help you. They also provide the same types of services most sober homes do, such as helping you to make it to 12-step meetings and teaching you life skills. Having been Sober Living residents in the past and […]

Salt Loading for bromine detox Why Iodine can change the world

Bromide toxicity has been linked to various physical and mental health problems in humans, including thyroid disorders and brain fog. While bromide is an essential trace mineral for human health and is commonly found in some foods, it can become toxic at higher doses. In humans, bromide toxicity can lead to a range of symptoms, […]

Sober Living vs Halfway House Key Differences

They also often come with additional mental health, medical, recovery or educational services that help people get accustomed to their new lives. The rules in halfway houses vs sober living homes are designed to support residents in their recovery, but they vary based on the level of structure and the goals of each type of […]

Marijuana Withdrawal: Symptoms, Timeline, and Coping

More research needs to be done on potential treatments for marijuana abuse and how to increase support and accessibility for existing treatments. Addiction is when a drug continues to be abused even when problems related to the drug use occur. Severe drug abuse is typically classified as drug addiction. Drug abuse is when a person’s […]

How to take a break from drinking : Life Kit : NPR

Content Overcoming Alcohol Addiction Main Content Plan for the side effects of quitting alcohol Free Healthbeat Signup Find a plan that works for you. Pregnant women who drink are in danger of the devastating fetal alcohol syndrome, which will have permanent effects on children before they’re born. If you realize this may be you and […]