Smaller companies are able to benefit from business data solutions. They can improve their marketing to their customers, design products more efficiently, increase sales, improve operations, and cut costs. To make the most of these tools however, your company must be able to locate and store, as well as analyze data.

The key is to have the correct business intelligence (BI) solution in place to help you identify important patterns and trends within huge amounts of data and present it to decision-makers in a manner that’s digestible and actionable. The most effective BI solution will include a set tools for refinement and data access, and warehouses. These tools can automate a significant portion of the data mining and analytics process which is usually performed by highly trained and skilled data scientists and analysts.

Another aspect of a excellent data solutions company is their work in the field of data engineering and architecture that can involve the integration of a company’s existing databases with new systems and technologies. For instance, many companies begin by using one database technology but later face issues with scalability when they expand, so a data solutions agency might aid them in decoupling these «tangled» services to reduce the bandwidth used by applications and avoid future bottlenecks.

You should also consider how the agency for data solutions protects and secures sensitive data from employees, customers and businesses. Ask about the agency’s security policies, and if they follow industry-specific standards and regulations regarding data privacy and compliance.

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